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February 25 2017


What should we be feeding the healthy dog?

A good way to know what any species should eat is to look at their teeth and understand how their digestive tract works. Dogs are physically structured to be carnivores. They do need some grain and vegetables in their diet, though not a lot. In the wild they devoured raw meat, raw bones, and digested vegetable matter from the stomach contents of animals and birds they ate.  They also ate fish. 

Talk to your veterinarian for advice. Processed dog food can be a good mainstay to the diet. It is convenient. Check that it complies with the Australian Standard: Manufacturing and Marketing Pet Food AS 5812:2011

Offer additional variety in the form of human grade raw meat, raw meaty bones and cooked wholegrain and vegetables. Be wary of processed meat products made for animals. Check that they don’t contain sup hate preservatives as these can create potentially fatal thiamine deficiencies. 

The bones you feed your dog must be raw. Cooked bones fracture into sharp fragments that are harmful. Even raw lamb chop and chicken bones may splinter and cause harm. The best bones for your dog are raw lamb ribs, raw lamb flaps and raw chicken wings. The bones will add excellent nutrient benefits and help clean the dog’s gums and teeth. Too many will make the dog constipated so use the bones as a tread a couple of times a week.  

Give large bones to large dogs and a smaller, daintier eating dog may have a smaller bone. Don’t give a dog a bone they might gulp down without chewing or one small enough to get stuck in their mouth or throat. There is some element of danger in feeding a dog bones. You need to discuss this with your veterinarian and weigh the benefits of nutrition and healthy teeth and gums against the minimal risk of injury to the digestive tract from a sharp bone fragment.

Dog Food

My dog receives a varied diet of processed dog food, dog treats and chews and table scrap tit-bits. I also make food especially for her. She is currently in optimum health. However, we have had dogs in the past that have been recommended for special diets due to health problems. Many of these diets have been expensive, highly processed tinned food diets.

My experience, as a nutritionist and dog breeder, a veterinary nurse and a seeing eye dog trainer, tells me there is a better way of trying to restore health to an animal than by feeding them commercially processed food. 


Certainly, dogs with allergies, pancreatitis, weakened kidneys, heart and liver disease and hunting, breeding and show dogs will dogs have their own special nutrient requirements. 


None of the suggestions I make are to be taken as veterinary advice for your dog. It is purely meant as an aid to preparing the diet in a natural less processed way. Talk this over with your dog’s medical provider, and follow their medical advice where your dog’s health is concerned.


I will be continuing this blog about dog health and dog nutrition in further posts. The Guide Dog organizations will usually give excellent advice about dog nutrition.


It does not matter if you have adopted a puppy or an adult dog both your worlds have become very changed. There will be a lot of new and different routines that need to be established as you get to know each other, by the end of the first few days I am sure you will be both very tired.

That night when you go to your bed, have you decided yet where your dog is going to sleep? Yes, it is true that a dog can go to sleep almost any place, but same is true of humans.

Just like you your dog needs somewhere comfortable and where it is well supported. You are going to have purchase a good bed for it, this will ensure your new dog gets high quality sleep to keep it fit and healthy.

A lot of dogs and puppies can chew on their beds. So, make sure you purchase them a chew proof bed. The filling inside beds can be very harmful to them if they swallow it.

To make sure that your dog is comfortable, look for a design that has a quality filling and that looks well made. Like your own bed mattress not too hard, not too soft is a perfect combination.

If you live in the south, you may need a different bed to the one you buy in a northern state. If there is a big temperature difference between the seasons you may need different dog bedding for different times of the year or even a different bed.

Take some time and make sure that you consider what your options are going to be. Make sure that your dog is comfortable and that he has a warm place to sleep at night; this can make a lot of difference to your pet’s happiness and energy!



In addition to your pooch looking good, dog clothes are also useful as well? How so, well they can keep your pet warm during those cold winter days. Like, if you are going out for a walk with your companion when the weather is below freezing, then you could go purchase a coat to keep your four-legged friend nice and warm. Or, maybe it is raining outside and would like your pet to stay nice and dry while out on that walk, then a rain coat is something you could invest in for him or her. You could even buy boots to match. For when the weather is just a bit on the cool side, sweaters are still a nice buy, yet unlike those in the local department store, there are slew of stylish choices to pick from.

For a convenient way to consider the dog clothes that you might procure for your little friend, the thing to do is to go online and do your shopping. It is in fact simple to do given that you do not have to go anywhere to do it. Thus, you don’t have to drive in the car and be bothered about dealing with people at the store. You might in addition procure your dog’s routine necessities online as well. Like collars, dog bowls, and such, saving you even more time and money in the process as everything you paid for will be sent right to your door.

At the end of the day, if you care for your four-legged friend, make certain the he or she knows it with dog clothes like Kitty Cat Applique Jersey. There are lots of outstanding selections available that will be sure to delight.

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